Free MP3 Player and All-In-One Jukebox

Songs-DB is a free software for management of music files. It organizes your MP3, WMA, WAV and other multimedia files and takes care of your collection stored on harddisks, CD-ROMs or other media, so that you can always listen to the music you like.

Complete audio system

To be very brief, Songs-DB is: MP3, CD and other Media Player, Music Manager, Scanner, Encoder, Decoder, Converter, Audio CD Ripper (Audio Grabber), Tagger, Renamer, Playlister, Search Engine, Cacher, Previewer and CDDB client. More detailed description of its features can be found on this page.

Why Songs-DB

There is a lot of music managers that can be downloaded on the web, so why to use Songs-DB? Particularly because it has a number of unique features, which can not be found in any other software. There are also other things that make Songs-DB so good, who would not appreciate that it is a freeware?

How to get Songs-DB

Go to the download page and follow the instructions given there. It is very easy to install it, you can start effective management of your collection in few minutes!