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Songs-DB and WinAmp Plug-ins

Among others Songs-DB can use WinAmp2 plug-ins. There are some of them distributed with Songs-DB by default, but you can also download some others in order to enhance Songs-DB possibilities or improve audio quality.

All plug-ins need to be put to Songs-DB's plug-ins sub-directory (usually C:\Program Files\Songs-DB\Plugins) and then it is necessary to restart Songs-DB. When the plug-in comes with its own installer, you have to change the path the installer suggests to the one above, or you can install it elsewhere and copy the file (usually in_???.dll) to the correct path then.

WinAmp's site contains full range of existing plug-ins, you can check them here or download directly some of the recommended plug-ins below.

WinAmp3 plug-ins cannot be used so far, it is planned to some of the next versions.

Some interesting plug-ins


MAD is a replacement for the internal MP3 decoding plug-in. It has very good quality and speed, probably the best.

CD Reader

CD Reader is a freeware plugin to play audio CDs with exceptional quality. It plays CD using digital extraction of audio samples, thus no audio cable is necessary.


The plug-in lets you play video clips using Songs-DB. It supports 11 types of video files: AVI, MPEG, MPG, MPV2, MPE, WMV, ASF, DAT, IVF, VOB, DivX. Additional settings are called by right mouse key on the video-window. For example, you may change quality, aspect ratio (only DivX Pro Codec), brightness, contrast and saturation of DivX movie having clicked right mouse key, select "Properties" in pop-up menu > tab "Advanced" > "DivX Decoder Filter" and press button "Properties". VID4WA home page: English -,

Output Stacker

Allows you to have more than one output plugin at a time, for example to listen to music and at the same time convert it to an OGG Vorbis file.


Decodes mp3PRO files. This plugin allows to play mp3PRO files with full quality.

Monkeys Audio Plug-in

Plays Monkey's Audio Files (version 3.41). Monkey's Audio is a popular lossless audio compression format. For updates and info check

MIDI Input Plug-in

Plug-in for playing MIDI files.
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